Your corporate travel management solution

Mobile Application

All in one travel assistant app
Personalized branding
Customized features per client

Itinerary Management

API and cloud platform
GDS and off-GDS multi source consolidation
Third-party connectivity
Data enrichment, aggregation and normalization
Duty of care

Document Delivery

Beautiful and streamlined itineraries
Custom branding for mobile, online, email and PDF itineraries
Online itinerary
Customizable email content

Versatile & Agile





Duty of Care

Duty of Care

OBT Integration

OBT Integration

360 Engagement

360 Engagement

Expense Tracking

Expense Tracking

Destination Guides & Tools

Destination Guides & Tools

Corporate Clients Personalized solution, that includes in-house solutions 

Reduce off-program bookings Increase travel policy compliancy
Boost employee satisfaction

Risk management

Mobile access

All-in-one app
Up-to-date information
Real-time notifications
Support during throughout the entire journey


Bleisure integration

Highly Customisable Solution

Integrates your company branding

Features can be customized per client

Available on iOS, Android and HTML5

Available in 10 languages


Amazing Traveler Experience



• Detailed flight information • Online check-in and flight management • Real-time flight updates and alerts (delays, cancellations, gate changes, baggage claims) • Flight amenities • Flight delay predictions • Book airport transfer • Purchase baggage protection • Local weather forecast • Uber and Lyft integration • Airline baggage policy • Flight sharing

Airport Maps

• Display traveller location and departure gate location • Restaurants, bars, cafes, shopping and services • Works Offline

Enhanced Business Traveler Experience


Accommodation Details

• Accommodation information and booking details • Negotiated benefits for booked and preferred hotels • Offline map and navigation • Travelers can provide valuable feedback by rating and reviewing the accommodation

Customizable Features

• Parsing booking confirmation emails Offline travel documents • Travel policy • Visa requirements • Airport wait times • Emergency contact • Trip and location sharing • Offline maps & geolocation — street search • Offline navigation by foot, subway and car • Add your own features


Partners & Integration

As an all-in-one platform, XLGO integrates with your various partners in order to provide a smooth experience for your travellers. Integrations can be done through
single-sign-on, deep linking, API
and SDK with:

  • Online booking tools, chatbots and expense tools
  • Profile management and travel portals
    Risk management and flight predictions
    Book your airport transfer Ancillaries, parking vendors, tour and activities, etc.

Duty of care

Find the exact location of any traveller, with the realtime GPS Travel Locator

Provide your travellers with risk alerts for any disasters, health issues, terrorism, crime, political and economic stability with risk level assessment

Easily integrate our mobile solution with your security or duty of care providers


Dynamic Contextual Messaging

Improved engagement by sending personalized notifications

Personalized dynamic rules automatically deliver notifications at each stage of your traveller’s journey on their smartphone, tablet and smartwatch.

The notifications that travellers receive will be uniquely targeted to them, creating an enhanced experience.

Increase traveller support and satisfaction By providing instant context related notifications, the app provides your traveller with the right information at the right time.

XLGO’s contextual messaging center, comes with a selection of pre-defined notifications that can be easily modified to meet your specific requirements.

Notifications can be prompted by a scheduled time, the traveller’s location or events.

Virtual Credit Cards & Expense Tracking


Easy to use approval tool

Agnostic trip approval tool for online and offline bookings

A useful tool for managers, travel bookers and travellers

Ability to request, approve or decline trips

Manage approvals on your desktop with email, or directly within the mobile app


Improved Customer Service

Personalised contact options per client

In-app messaging connected to your e-mail, chat or CRM

In-app satisfaction surveys


Data Management & Itinerary Delivery

Multi-source data consolidation

Off-platform business travel bookings Itinerary and invoice delivery by email Itinerary backup provided in PDF

Online travel dashboard

Custom documents and online branding

Combine Business & Leisure

Security & Data Privacy Compliance

At XL Travel, security and data privacy are our top priorities. In order to deal with any new challenges, we are continuously reviewing our privacy and security policies and adapting them.

  • Databases, Pll (Personal Identification Information) and passwords are encrypted on Amazon Web Services’ safe infrastructure. AWS is compliant with the PCI, HIPAA, SSAE 16, SOC 2, and SOC 3 standards. AWS is compliant with the PCI, HIPAA, SSAE 16, SOC 2, and SOC 3 standards.
  • XLGO uses an SHA-2 encryption SSL between your server, our servers and user devices to ensure maximum security.
  • Multiple Factors of Authentication (MFA) is available for admin users.
  • Systems access is logged and tracked for auditing purposes.
  • Passwords are protected from brute force attacks with rate-limiting.
  • Passwords are hashed with berypt.
  • Secure destruction policies apply for all sensitive information.
  • All data is backed up several times a day on Amazon Web Services’ safe infrastructure.
  • To comply with your local privacy legislation, XLGO can also host Pll in different countries around the world.